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Welcome To Global Experts

May 30th, 2013

Welcome to Global Experts, a project of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations’ media program. Global Experts is a resource that connects journalists to a wide range of opinion leaders from around the world who can provide reactions and analysis on complex political, religious and social issues.

By providing journalists with free and timely access to international experts, Global Experts seeks to address cultural divisions and misconceptions and to ensure quality reporting in an age of shrinking budgets and 24-hour news cycles.

On our site, you will find:

A unique Database of Experts: over 300 world class experts from various parts of the world and professional backgrounds (academics, opinion leaders, civil society representatives, etc.) that you can find by country, area of expertise, location, language and contact. They are available to provide you insights on cross cultural issues and conflicts.

Media Alerts: When major international or cross-cultural news breaks, Global Experts posts a synopsis of the events and suggests experts to contact on the issue. The alerts are sent to a network of journalists, editors and subscribers.

Comment and Analysis: Material produced by our experts is aggregated and republished, providing a common space for continuous analysis and dialogue about cross-cultural issues. Some experts publish original content that is syndicated, free of charge, to newspapers around the world.

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