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Syria is no more

May 29th, 2013, Comment & Analysis, Uncategorized

What began in Syria as a revolt against an oppressive regime has evolved into a sectarian civil war and, more recently, into a proxy conflict among outsiders. In the process, the struggle has become increasingly convoluted, with conflicting agendas among allies, together with deep-seated communal tensions, rendering the situation nearly intractable.

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Ending the legacy of Sunni-Shia violence

May 29th, 2013, Comment & Analysis

The Muslim world, it must be remembered, does not exist in a vacuum or in a world without Others. Lest we forget, the developments in the Muslim world today are taking place in an overcrowded world where other faith communities exist and where other external variables come into play as well.

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MEDIA ALERT: Car Bomb in Damascus, Syria leaves at least 53 dead Feb. 21, 2013

February 21st, 2013, Media Alerts

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Damascus, Syria – At least 53 people are dead and at least 200 are wounded after a car bomb exploded between the Syrian president’s headquarters and the Russian Embassy, Thursday afternoon. This attack comes three days after Syrian officials announced its willingness to conduct talks with armed opposition groups. (Sources: New York Times, BBC, CNN, CBS)

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MEDIA ALERT: Kofi Annan steps down as UN special envoy to Syria

August 2nd, 2012, Media Alerts

UN Peacekeeping Mission to suspend operations in Syria

Kofi Annan has resigned from his position as the United Nations special envoy to Syria. The former UN Secretary-General will not renew his mandate when it expires at the end of this month.

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Hezbollah’s asymmetric support to Iran: a new Middle Eastern security dilemma

July 27th, 2012, Comment & Analysis

James Blake

Among Western governments consensus is growing that Hezbollah, acting under Iranian instruction, perpetrated last week’s suicide bombing against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. The attack signifies a significant ideological and operational shift for Hezbollah, which had cultivated an image as an independent Lebanese actor.

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MEDIA ALERT: Western nations expel Syrian diplomats

May 29th, 2012, Media Alerts

Syrians attend to bodies for a mass funeral

SYRIA – Six Western governments announced the expulsion of Syrian diplomats Tuesday responding to the 108 civilian deaths in Houla last week.

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