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Serbia votes for jobs and prosperity

May 2nd, 2012, Comment & Analysis

Serbia faces simultaneous presidential, parliamentary, provincial and local elections on 6th May; elections that will reflect the evolution in political attitudes and orientations since 2008. With a consensus on EU membership having emerged amongst the country’s political elites, the main sparring points concern not the issue of Kosovo, but rather economic and social reforms; particularly the respective parties’ ability to create jobs and attract foreign investment.

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Strengthening the External Dimensions of Dayton Bosnia

November 11th, 2010, Comment & Analysis

Fifteen years on from the Dayton peace negotiations and subsequent agreement, which was formally signed in Paris on December 14th 1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains laden with the burden of its complicated institutional structures and safeguards. With constitutional reform stalled and Bosnia’s Croats resurrecting the idea of a third-entity, Bosnia faces a stalemate that the distant and diminishing prospects of EU membership will struggle to break.

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Ian Bancroft

Co-Founder and Executive Director, TransConflict

July 14th, 2010, Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Business and Globalization, Civil Society, English, Europe, Europe, French, Kosovo, London, Media, Migration and Integration, Minority Rights, Non-Governmental, Serbia, Spanish, Terrorism, UK, War and Conflict

Ian Bancroft_1

Ian Bancroft is co-founder and executive direvtor of Transconflict, an organization undertaking conflict and post-conflict projects and research throughout the Western Balkans. He writes for The Guardian on Western Balkan affairs, focusing primarily on Serbia, Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

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David Andelman

Editor, World Policy Journal

July 14th, 2010, Asia, Business and Globalization, Defense and Security, English, Europe, French, International Relations, Iraq, Journalist/Commentator, Media, New York, North America, Think tank/Research center, USA, War and Conflict


David A. Andelman is the Editor of World Policy Journal and President of the Overseas Press Club. He is former Executive Editor of, and correspondent for The New York Times.

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