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Syria is no more

May 29th, 2013, Comment & Analysis, Uncategorized

What began in Syria as a revolt against an oppressive regime has evolved into a sectarian civil war and, more recently, into a proxy conflict among outsiders. In the process, the struggle has become increasingly convoluted, with conflicting agendas among allies, together with deep-seated communal tensions, rendering the situation nearly intractable.

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Iason Athanasiadis

February 28th, 2011, Afghanistan, Arabic, Asia, Asia, Civil Society, English, Europe, Greek, Iran, Istanbul, Journalist/Commentator, Kabul, Law and Human Rights, Media, Migration and Integration, North Africa and Middle East, Persian, Religion, Terrorism, Turkey, Turkish, War and Conflict, Women's Rights

Iason Athanasiadis_

Iason Athanasiadis is a photojournalist, documentary film-maker and international lecturer working on the intersection of the Eastern Mediterranean with the Arab, Persian and Turkic Middle East and Central Asia. He has covered some of the contemporary region’s signature crises, including the 2011 Arab revolts, the 2010 Afghan surge, the Greek economic crisis, the 2009 Iranian pro-democracy movement, the 2006 Lebanese war, the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and the passing of Syrian President Hafez al-Assad in 2000. Iason has lived in Cairo, Damascus, Sanaa and Tehran. He is currently based between Istanbul and Kabul.

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Paul Sullivan

Professor of Economics, National Defense University

February 12th, 2010, Academia, Algeria, Area of Expertise, Arlington, Asia, Business and Globalization, Defense and Security, Development, Egypt, English, International Relations, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Mongolia, Nigeria, North Africa and Middle East, North America, North America, Qatar, Religion, Saudi Arabia, South Sudan, Subsaharan Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Terrorism, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, USA, War and Conflict

Paul Sullivan

Dr. Paul Sullivan is Professor of Economics at National Defense University and adjunct professor of Security Studies and Science, Technology and International Affairs at Georgetown University.

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Christopher Davidson

Fellow of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Durham University

February 9th, 2010, Academia, Defense and Security, Durham, English, Euro-Med, Europe, Europe, International Relations, North Africa and Middle East, Think tank/Research center, UK

Chris Davidson

Dr. Christopher Davidson is a policy expert on the Gulf monarchies and specializes in the field of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. Having lived and worked in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and Beirut, Dr. Davidson has an extensive knowledge of this region of the world.

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