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The Quran Desecration and the Role of Religion in Conflict

April 10th, 2012, Expert Updates

This Peace Brief is based in part upon a closed-door roundtable convened by the United States Institute of Peace which drew on the expertise of scholars, practitioners, U.S. government officials, and the policy community to discuss the implications of the burning of the Quran.

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How to Negotiate with the Taliban

October 20th, 2010, Comment & Analysis

The war against the Taliban is passing the nine years mark and NATO forces are waning their commitment to a never-ending counterinsurgency war. Is time ripe for negotiating a deal with the Taliban? If so, what does negotiating with the Taliban mean? Who is a legitimate negotiator for the Taliban and does the Afghan government and NATO mediators have a common narrative to negotiate with religious actors? Qamar-ul Huda, from the United States Institute of Peace, talks about how to bring peace to Afghanistan.

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Peacebuilding by Muslims

October 12th, 2010, Comment & Analysis

Amid the controversy over the Islamic cultural center in NYC and Pastor Terry Jones’ threats of burning the Quran in Florida, a recent Pew Research Center poll revealed that 42 percent of Americans believe Islam encourages violence while 55 percent admit that they do not know very much about Islam. In at least 11 states, hostile demonstrations have been staged around proposed sites for mosques, and on Sunday mornings it is common to hear vitriolic sermons by religious leaders against Islam.

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Qamar-ul Huda

Senior Program Officer, United States Institute of Peace

February 5th, 2010, Arabic, Asia, Civil Society, English, Government, Indonesia, Iran, North Africa and Middle East, North America, North America, Pakistan, Persian, Religion, Think tank/Research center, Urdu, USA, Washington DC


Qamar-ul Huda is a scholar of Islamic studies and Comparative Religion, and is the Senior Program Officer in the Religion and Peacemaking Program at the United States Institute of Peace.

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