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MEDIA ALERT: Bombs placed at two Israeli embassies

February 13th, 2012, Media Alerts

NEW DELHI – A bomb exploded at the Israeli embassy here, injuring four people, including the wife of the Israeli Defense attache. A second bomb found at the embassy  in Tbilisi, Georgia was defused. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Iran is responsible for the attack. Analysts available for comment: Meir Javedanfar is currently the director [...]

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MEDIA ALERT: Multiple explosions shake Mumbai

July 13th, 2011, Media Alerts

MUMBAI, INDIA – A series of explosions were simultaneously set off in the Indian capital of Mumbai (Bombay) with reports that three areas in the financial district directly affected.

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Religion and the Public Sphere in India

May 23rd, 2011, Comment & Analysis

In contrast to most South Asian countries, modern India has always been officially “secular”, a word the country inscribed in its Constitution in 1976. Secularism, here, is not synonymous with the French “laïcité”, which demands strong separation of religion and the state. India’s secularism does not require exclusion of religion from the public sphere. On the contrary, it implies recognition of all religions by the state. This philosophy of inclusivity finds expression in one article of the Constitution by which all religious communities may set up schools that are eligible for state subsidies.

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Gurmeet Kanwal

March 3rd, 2011, Asia, Asia, Author/Novelist, Defense and Security, English, Hindi, India, Military, New Delhi, Panjabi, Terrorism, Think tank/Research center, War and Conflict


Brigadier Gurmeet Kanwal (Retd) is Director and CEO of Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) in New Delhi, India.

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Javeed Alam

March 3rd, 2011, Academia, Activist/Humanitarian, Asia, Asia, Author/Novelist, Civil Society, English, India, India, Law and Human Rights, Media, New Delhi, Terrorism, Urdu, War and Conflict


Professor Javeed Alam is former Head of Department of Centre For European Studies, CIEFL. Mr. Alam is India specialist and his wide range of expertise include e.g. philosophical treatment of modernity, secularism, marxism and communist movement, democracy as well as politics and the caste system in India.

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Olivier Guillard

March 3rd, 2011, Asia, Author/Novelist, Business and Globalization, Civil Society, Defense and Security, English, Europe, Europe, France, French, International Relations, Media, Paris, Think tank/Research center, War and Conflict


Olivier Guillard is Asia Research Director for the Paris-based thinktank IRIS (Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques). He previously worked for the French Ministry of Defence as a geopolitical expert, with a chief focus on South Asian affairs.

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