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Nicholas Dungan

Atlantic Council Senior Fellow, IRIS Senior Advisor

May 25th, 2012, Author/Novelist, Business and Globalization, Civil Society, Defense and Security, Development, English, Europe, Europe, France, French, International Relations, New York, Non-Governmental, North America, North America, Politics and Governance, UK, USA


  Nicholas Dungan is a Senior Fellow in the Transatlantic Relations Program of the Atlantic Council in Washington DC, a Senior Advisor to the Institut de Relations Internationales et Stratégiques (IRIS) in Paris, a writer, author, speaker and commentator on international relations, politics and business.  Nicholas Dungan was president of the New York-based French-American Foundation [...]

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Governments and entrepreneurs

May 19th, 2010, Comment & Analysis

President Obama’s recent summit on entrepreneurship in the Muslim world demonstrated that governments and entrepreneurs can and must work together to create opportunity. Governments are often perceived as obstacles to entrepreneurship, not necessary partners. This is understandable given the bureaucratic hurdles entrepreneurs must overcome while growing their enterprise.

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Moushumi Khan


February 12th, 2010, Academia, Boston, Business and Globalization, Civil Society, English, Law, Law and Human Rights, Media, Migration and Integration, Minority Rights, North America, North America, Religion, USA, Women's Rights, Youth Issues

Moushumi Khan

Moushumi Khan is an attorney currently studying for a Master in Public Administration degree at Harvard University’s John F Kennedy School of Government.

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