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Tim Huxley

Executive Director, International Institute for Strategic Studies-Asia

October 19th, 2010

Area of Expertise: Defense and Security, War and Conflict
Geographical Expertise - Region: Asia
Languages: Chinese, English
Field of Work: Think tank/Research center
City: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Continent: Asia


Tim Huxley Tim HuxleyDr. Tim Huxley is Executive Director of the International Institute for Strategic Studies-Asia. He is an expert on Southeast Asian states’ security and defence policies.

He has worked for many years in the overlap between strategic studies and Asian area studies, his research focusing particularly on Southeast Asian states’ security and defence policies. He has held research and teaching posts at universities in the UK and Australia, and was a Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore. Before joining the IISS in 2003, he was Reader in South-East Asian Politics and Director of the Centre for South-East Asian Studies at the University of Hull. His major publications include Defending the Lion City: The Armed Forces of Singapore (Allen & Unwin, 2000) and Disintegrating Indonesia? Implications for Regional Security (IISS Adelphi Paper 349, July 2002).

Since joining the IISS, he has contributed extensive analysis of recent security-related developments in Southeast Asia and Australasia to Strategic Survey, The Military Balance, and the Strategic Comments series. He is also editor of the IISS Adelphi Paper series and, particularly since he became Executive Director of IISS-Asia in Singapore in April 2007, has been closely involved in organising the Shangri-La Dialogue (the Asia Security Summit), an annual IISS conference in Singapore for Asia-Pacific defence ministers and military chiefs.

Dr. Huxley was educated at Oriel College, Oxford (MA Geography), the University of Aberystwyth (MScEcon Strategic Studies), and the Australian National University (PhD International Relations).

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