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President and Founder, Arslan Lawyers

February 12th, 2010

Area of Expertise: Civil Society, Law and Human Rights, Migration and Integration, Minority Rights, Religion, Women's Rights
Languages: English, French
Field of Work: Government, Law
City: The Hague
Country: The Netherlands
Continent: Europe


Famile Arslan Famile ArslanFamile Arslan works as a lawyer in The Hague for her own law firm called Arslan Lawyers. Her work is in the field of family law, immigration law, housing and labour and social insurance cases as penalty cases. She is the first lawyer in the Netherlands who wears a hijab.

Besides her daily job, she is a member of the board of the Islam and Citizenship Foundation which has been engaged in the relationship between norms, values and citizenship and the role Islamic organizations can play in this issue. The objective is to stimulate the social debate, particularly over the concept of citizenship, within the Muslim community and broaden it where relevant to Dutch society.

Ms. Arslan is involved in a project about domestic violence in Muslim community. She is the chair of the Commission for Complaints at Islamic Schools (Klachtencommissie voor Islamitisch onderwijs). She is also the chair of the Commission of Wise Men, an advisory source for organizations working in conflict. She coaches a project of Fatush productions about emancipation of Muslim women and is also a part of an expert group, advising the Minister of Education about Islamic and minority schools. Currently, she is involved in setting up a platform on European level concerning dialogue between Muslims and Jews.

As researcher for a healthcare organization, Ms. Arslan has organized a course for intercultural communication. With Ineke Wienese, she has written a lessons book and also has given courses. Together, they have setup a telephone call centre for migrant women as a resource to discuss their problems. She also educates and provides courses and trainings to the volunteers on intercultural communication.

Currently, Ms. Arslan is setting up a National Muslim Women’s Network. Through this organization, she hopes to create a database and platform for Muslim women to highlight social, economic and political issues. This organisation aims to advise the Dutch government but also act as a partner for the government in crafting legislation and concrete proejcts. She is also setting up her own Foundation to provide courses on communication, empowerment, assertiveness, debating, media training and other courses.

Ms. Arslan is often asked to take part in panel discussions or speak at meetings. She frequently provides comment to the media on issues such as emancipation, integration and migration. She has also published her first book with Turkish poems.

Ms. Arslan was born in Turkey and raised in the Netherlands. She holds a master’s degree in international law. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for five years at the immigration department of the Ministry of Justice. For three years she handled asylum cases and for two years she handled regular immigration cases like family reunification, study and others. Since 2002 she has been working as a lawyer.

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