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Senior Editor, TV5 Monde

May 6th, 2010

Area of Expertise: Media, Politics and Governance, Religion
Geographical Expertise - Region: Europe, North Africa and Middle East
Geographical Expertise - Country: Israel, Palestine
Languages: Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
Field of Work: Academia, Journalist/Commentator
City: Paris
Country: France
Continent: Europe


slimanezeghidour Slimane ZeghidourSlimane Zeghidour is a Chief Editor at TV5, the world’s leading French-speaking television network.

He is the director of the TV series ‘Euromed’, examining the cultural links between the North and South rim countries of the Mediterranean. He has also consulted for programming on Algeria and the Middle East for networks including TF1, RF3 and TV Canada. From 1991 to 2004 he was a correspondent for La Vie and continues to contribute to Le Monde, Géo, Notre Histoire, Index (U.K.), National Review (U.S.), Leia Livros (Brazil), Il Sabato (Italy), amongst others. Mr. Zeghidour teaches Geopolitics of Religions and the Middle East, at Science Po Poitiers and Science Po Menton. He was recently appointed to the Committee for Diversity by Ministier Yazid Sabeg. He has also previously worked on projects relating to the Palestinian and Israeli press coverage of the war in Gaza and examinations of European Islamic Media. In this capacity he has also trained journalists in Qatar on ethics and reporting techniques.

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