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Professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv University

August 30th, 2010

Area of Expertise: Migration and Integration, War and Conflict
Geographical Expertise - Region: North Africa and Middle East
Geographical Expertise - Country: Israel, Palestine
Languages: English, Hebrew
Field of Work: Academia, Author/Novelist
City: Tel Aviv
Country: Israel
Continent: Asia


yoav brown21 Yoav PeledYoav Peled is Professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv  University. He is a specialist on issues relating to citizenship and ethnic politics in Israel, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

His book, Being Israeli: the Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship, co-authored with Gershon Shafir (Cambridge University Press 2002), won the Albert Hourani Prize of the Middle East Studies Association of North America for best book in Middle East studies in 2002. The book was published in Hebrew translation by Tel Aviv University Press in 2005.

Peled has edited or co-edited four collections of essays. A fifth volume, Democratic Citizenship and War, is forthcoming from Routledge in September 2010. He is co-editor of The Public Sphere: Tel Aviv Journal of Political Science (in Hebrew).

He received his PhD in political science from UCLA in 1982 and LLB from Tel Aviv University in 2009.

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