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March 3rd, 2011

Area of Expertise: Development, Migration and Integration, Women's Rights
Geographical Expertise - Region: Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Subsaharan Africa
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish
Field of Work: Academia, Think tank/Research center
City: Madrid, New York
Country: Spain, USA
Continent: Europe, North America


carballo jpg Marta Carballo de la RivaMarta Carballo de la Riva is consultant and researcher at IUDC UCM in Madrid. She has specialized in the fields of international migration (policy level), gender mainstreaming in development and international cooperation.

Carballo has more than ten years of professional practice working at universities, teaching both PhD and post-graduate programs, academic institutions, Spanish government and international organizations. She has specialized in  research and design of public policies. in the design coordination and implementation of social intervention programs, delivered to immigrant’s organizations in destination and origin countries.

Marta’s experience has forged on her direct work with migrants in countries of origin and destination. She bases her analysis and products
on an integral perspective that encompasses civil society organizations,
academia, and public institutions.  The multiplicity and diversity of actors she works with, allows her to integrate holistic frameworks where theory and practice converge in different levels of intervention, in topics such as migration, gender and development. She stands out for her work developed as manager of social programs,  analyst and designer of public policies (migration and development: remittances, diasporas, local development transnational, co­‐development models; legal migration: circular migration, integration; irregular migration: smuggling and trafficking) and researcher and academic coordinator (design, management and research publications, seminars and courses on migration, gender and development).

Carballo  is a results-focused manager with field job experience in gender, migration and development issues and working in least development countries of Latin-American and Africa. She is a Ph.D. candidate on Foreign Affairs and African Studies at the  Universidad Autonoma in Madrid and she  has M.Art degrees on Foreign Affairs and African Studies and Migration and Inter-Communitarian relations from UAM and UCM.

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