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Research Director at Tampere Peace Research Institute

April 27th, 2010

Area of Expertise: Civil Society, International Relations, Law and Human Rights, Media, War and Conflict
Geographical Expertise - Region: Balkans, Europe, North Africa and Middle East
Languages: English, Finnish, French
Field of Work: Academia, Think tank/Research center, United Nations
City: Tampere
Country: Finland
Continent: Europe


Tuomo Melasuo Tuomo MelasuoTuomo Melasuo is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies as well as Research Director of TAPRI, Tampere Peace Research Institute, University of Tampere, Finland. He has studied contemporary political history as well as political science and international relations in Finland and in France.

Professor Melasuo is specialized on North Africa and the Mediterranean world particularly since the 19th century. He has studied especially Algerian political, cultural and social history since the colonialism. He has also worked on other Maghrebin countries as well as on political culture in Muslim societies.

During the last quarter of the century, since creating the TAPRI Mediterranean Studies Project, Melasuo has been active in Euro-Mediterranean relations. He is a member of many scientific, cultural and civil society bodies in this field, including the Advisory Council of the Anna Lindh Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures, the steering committees of the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Economic Institutes and of Sihmed (Société Internationale des Historiens de la Méditerranée).

On a global level, Professor Melasuo is Vice-President of the Management of Social Transformation project at UNESCO, representing Western Europe and North Africa, as well as a member and representative of Finland in UNESCO’s Euro-Arab Task Force for Dialogue.

Professor Melasuo has published several books and many articles both in international and Finnish publications, among them National Movements and World Peace, Political evolution of Algeria from 19th century to the Liberation War in 1954, The Arab-Scandinavian Dialogue and Transitions to Democracy and the Palestinians. Today he continues his scientific activities in peace research on Euro-Mediterranean relations by concentrating on socio-economic evolutions and on their importance on international political and cultural relations both in the regional and global context

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