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March 2nd, 2011

Area of Expertise: Civil Society, Law and Human Rights, Migration and Integration, Terrorism
Geographical Expertise - Region: Europe
Languages: French, Italian, Spanish
Field of Work: Author/Novelist, Non-Governmental
City: Barcelona
Country: Spain
Continent: Europe


josep ramoneda Josep RamonedaJosep Ramoneda is Founder and Director of the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona. He taught Contemporary Philosophy at UAB  for 15 years (1975 – 1990). He is member of the Editorial Committee of the newspaper El País, where he writes regularly, and also works with the radio channel SER.

Mr. Ramoneda was also Director of the Institute of Humanities (1986 – 1989), founder-director of the Edicions 62 collection “Philosophical Texts” and a founder of the cultural review Saber (1980).  He has published numerous books, noteworthy among which are Después de la pasión política (After the Political Passion – Taurus, Madrid 1999) and Del tiempo condensado (On Condensed Time – Random House Mondadori, Barcelona, 2003).

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