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Police: Roadside Bomb Kills 15 in NW Pakistan

September 18th, 2012


5 Responses to “Police: Roadside Bomb Kills 15 in NW Pakistan”
  1. “Looking at the negative potential of such acts, is it not time to come up with such legislation?”

    I agree on above statement. But that legislation needs to be enforced at global level and should be introduced by UNO.

  2. Faizee says:

    very enlightening indeed bro. We need such reminders to act rationally. May Allah reward you.

  3. Muhammad Umer Dar says:

    Any bigotry act proves the bigot himself the wrong before anyone else and gradual fall is his destiny. Read Al-Ra’d Ayah 17 with explication, a portion of which is translated as: [Then the foam is blown up and that which benefits mankind remains in the earth. Thus Allah illustrates the examples]. However, in order to curb such incidents together with the likes of those of Afia Siddiqui or drone attacks or even general mistaken resentment against Islam, we are in need of power in all its forms (knowledge and character first). A marathon struggle is needed.

  4. عبد اللہ چوہدری says:

    عبد اللہ آپ نے اچھا لکھا ھے لگے رہیئے

  5. Saad Rafique says:

    In my analysis, i don’t think that muslim creating violence in some part of Muslim world, it may be external force that divide Muslim into two part so they fight forever.

    To me actually i am surprise that there is no unity in Muslim to response to this movie. I firmly believe that if Muslim stands together then no one can take such a shameless step. Furthermore, few years back i read a interview from a non Muslim Scholar that how to defeat Muslim in seconds, he replied that if Muslim stop going to Fajir in Masjid then you can defeat them easily.

    In Past history, there is famous event that Muslim were not winning war and later someone in Muslim community figure out that we are not brushing teeth with Sewaak (Muswaak) and next day early in morning every muslim was brushing his teeth and that day we win war.

    We know that no one of us following Quran and Sunnah at truly and deeply level. We just say that keep talking and spreading words of God but don’t follow and act on it. That why Quran say that first act yourself then tell others.

    That why we can only response to western world in this way.

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