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December 17th, 2012, by The Editor

The Editor

Immediate reactions by Global Experts on developments in Egypt


Qamar Ul-Huda, Senior Program Officer, United States Institute of Peace
“The first round of the constitution referendum in Egypt was a pleasant surprise for President Morsi and his supporters but it reveals that the deep divisions will further complicate the second round. More importantly, transitioning to a democratic society will be much more contentious and Morsi needs to find more ways to have common ground”

Melody Moezzi, Writer, Speaker and Commentator
“Watching events unfold in Egypt today, I worry that the brave young Egyptian revolutionaries who managed to topple a ruthless dictator within weeks may have unwittingly traded in one despot for another. As an Iranian-American born in 1979, I am all too familiar with the dangers of theocracy and the immense suffering and sorrow that it brings. My prayer for the people of Egypt is the same as my prayer for the people of Iran and the people of all nations: May they know freedom, justice, dignity and peace”.

Paul Sullivan, Georgetown University
“Egypt is facing a long run ideological battle across interpretations of Islam and about where Egypt should be heading on certain aspects of freedom, women’s rights, children’s rights and more. These issues will likely not be resolved with the constitutional referendum or even upcoming elections — the difference across groups are getting wider and the solutions less apparent.”



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