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March 26th, 2012, by The Editor

The Editor

Youth Series2 300x200 A New Article Series: Youth, Civic Engagement and Democratic Processes


Following the completion of our last article series project, Religion and the Public Space, Global Experts is proud to launch a second series of articles titled ‘Youth, Civic Engagement and Democratic Processes’ on the role of youth in political processes around the world.

This topic is particularly timely since the Arab Spring has resulted in a change in the political dynamics in many countries. Youth are increasingly active online and within their communities in the aim of creating change, both at the local and global level.

Inspired by the role of the young civic leaders and activists in the recent political transitions in the North Africa, Middle East and elsewhere, the new series includes 9 articles by experts and writers around the world.

Discover a new article every Monday and Wednesday from March 26 – April 23 on

  • FRANCE : Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni, Director General of Programmes at the Council of Europe, on the current conditions for youth participation in Europe
  • USA on TUNISIA : Jillian York, writer, researcher and freedom of expression activist, on the overview of events that inspired the youth movement in Tunisia
  • USA & IRAN : Melody Moezzi, lawyer, columnist and activist, on the role of Iranian youth in Iran’s political and social system
  • EGYPT : Karim Kasim, researcher and consultant on youth, on the significance of Egyptian youth movement and its impacts on the world
  • AUSTRALIA on INDONESIA : Michelle Miller, research fellow at National University Singapore, on the growing use of social media in Indonesia’s democratic process
  • KENYA: Kennedy Kachwanya, co-founder of Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAK), on the current issues of youth and civic involvement in Kenya
  • MIDDLE EAST : Megan Martin, an expert on youth movements, on web-based communication during the Arab Spring
  • USA & MIDDLE EAST : Guy Golan, media scholar at Syracuse University, on the role of social media in public diplomacy and youth collaboration
  • UK & MIDDLE EAST : Anas Altikriti, CEO of the Cordoba Foundation, on the importance of Muslim youth, civic engagement and democracy

The youth involvement in democratic transitions continues to be a hot topic of debate and discussion. We are confident that this series will again alert and carry a strong message to citizens and societies, furthering their conversation on today’s current events.

Marc Scheuer
United Nations Alliance of Civilizations



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